Tribute to Nelson Mandela

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  1. Hey everyone, I have some breaking news that Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95 this afternoon. He was one of the most important political figures of South Africa, who worked to stop apartheid in the 1990s, he is at peace now. This is a tribute thread for him, any respects you wish to pay please post here!
  2. This is very sad news. Saw it a few minutes ago. He was an amazing person. At least he lived to such an age, after going through everything he did.
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  3. Very sad news indeed, such an iconic person. RIP Nelson Mandela!
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  4. That sucks :(

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  5. I did not know :/ Rest in peace Nelson.
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  6. He will be missed, he has done many great things for the world, and he will never be forgotten.
    May he rest in peace, having been satisfied with a job well done.
  7. Nelson Mendela was a very important person in people all around the world, sad to see that he has passed :(
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  8. He was an amazing person and changed the world forever. He has survived everything that life threw at him with prison and then once he got out he made a country and the world a better place. He was a major player in the war against racism. Death is said really. It is a burden lifted of one's shoulders and if you believe in an after life he is certainly is in a better place. He was my biggest role model. Whenever I wake up in the morning I think "what will I do today that will change the world/help the world forever?" and what I do is in honor of him.
  9. He will be greatly missed and it is sad to see him go. But, at his age and condition, I think it is better that he is not suffering anymore.
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  10. 95 is a good age to die. And after al he has been trough, I think it is good that he finally gets some rest
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