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  1. Hello,

    I just started exploring the wilderness in EMC server 1 and immediately i wondered where are all the trees? As a new member of this server i would ask is there some kind of forest? If not please replant at least 1 tree a tree you chop down!
  2. build trees a your res
  3. For that i need saplings for saplings i need trees and i can't find trees...
  4. This. A hundred times this.

    There are still a considerable amount of trees out there, but just looking at the live map now you can see the area which has been deforested and it will continue to expand if left unabated. Please, when you cut down trees in the wilderness, plant at least one sapling per tree you cut down and also please cut down the whole tree.

    You should have received some saplings from completing the tutorial, unless you did it on SMP2.
  5. i completed my tut on SMP2 :S... but i have some now so thos thread could be closed :)! also every tree i chopped down i replanted 2 ;)!