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  1. I dont like one thing about the wilderness.
    That thing is, that there are no trees there and if you get to one you starve when you get there.
    I think there should be some mod instakked on the servers so people can be able to get trees in the wilderness.
  2. How would said mod work? And they're really not that hard to find, you just have to walk a little...
    And if you're starving, bring food.
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  3. Just walk out, and cut down trees. Its THAT easy. For food, kill cows, and get it.
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  4. I agree that for new members the wild destruction around spawns (and lack of trees) can be very daunting. It was discouraging when I was a new member.

    This is why I would like to restate my suggestion that the Periodic Reset area be made much larger (around a 10k to 15k radius around the spawn) and reset on a fairly regular basis. Like once a month or so.

    It would solve a lot of problems.

    Including the wild groupies vs townies arguments.
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  5. But then people would have to make new grinders
  6. It is very daunting. On smp7 it is a nuke zone as there was a desert. Holes now go down to bedrock. I now live at the Last Light Outpost and I am used to the wilderness. Once you get out of that area around 200-500 blocks from spawn everything is fine. Justin really needs to do the first periodic reset. It is in dire need of it. But next time there is a full wilderness reset he should make sure there is no desert near spawn and it would be less daunting to people going out for he first time.
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  7. But then people would have to make new grinders