Trees not growing in my lot on smp3?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by swimeralex, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. New update to emc or something?!
    (yes my trees have met all the requirements to grow.)
  2. Patience is the key
  3. is 4 dang hours enough?
  4. try bonemeal
  5. Could possibly be Snow biome Affects, It decreases the speed for Oak and birch trees to grow, I always add water next to my trees somehow, It just makes me feel that it grows faster in my mind. But If your that Impatient, Just add bonemeal :)

    Edit: Im supposing it also needs a loaded chunk, Somebody has to be there at the chunk, or area
  6. ok Ill see. and I don't want to constantly get bonemeal for wood.
  7. Oh and my res is in a ocean biome ._.
  8. Mabey a new res can help....
  9. oh and I looked up trees and it didn't say anything about water. so it's not necessary to put water near trees :)
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