trees grew out over the walkways

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  1. Hi, my first server, I'm really enjoying the way this one works compared to others I've visited.

    In my town plot, I'm considering cutting down the trees I planted which grew out over the walkways, but I definitely don't want floating remnants over the walkways.

    Is there any way to reset the spaces above the walkways? Locally? or the entire town?

    Thanks for help, I tried to find the answer before posting.

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  2. the floating leftovers will be taken care of by a Senior Staff member (light green, or purple name) Either they will take care of it on their own time, or just point it out when you see one. Its nothing that is horribly important.
  3. no not important, but a staff member will be able to remove them if I want to get rid of my tree house? Great, thanks!
  4. Yeah sorry this is something I need to find a fix for...
  5. set the tree on fire, itll burn down and then the leaves will go away...

    thats one major risk with this ability. If you had a tree grow big enough to spread into another persons plot (i did once, we chopped it down, and im cool with my neighbor so i wouldnt do this to her) you could possibly spread a fire to someone elses plot if they also had a tree that connected with it!