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  1. I have a tree that grew off my land. I already contacted JustinGuy, but I am wondering, if anyone looking at this thread coud help me.

  2. Did you plant a sapling?
  3. LOL this used to happen to me all the time... just set fire to the part of the tree which is in your property, and watch the rest of it burn up! :)
  4. ...Just make sure you don't accidentally burn down a Town Tree...
  5. I think I'll just take justinguy's response...
  6. What happens if we did? I burned down one tree accidentally! It was an accident honestly! I was trying to burn down tall oak trees and it spread... too much.
  7. I don't think it's a big deal - Justin fixes stuff like this all the time. I have also burned part of a lamp in front of my house by accident doing this... just hit him up with a PM or when you see him online and he can fix it no prob.
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  8. I took care of it, was on lot 13426 right?
    Currently only senior staff have the ability to edit and repair areas within town, we don't mind as long as it wasn't done maliciously or on purpose :)
  9. And out of town, for that matter... it's a long story, but DarkLiz repaired some missing bedrock for me once... and saved my life at the same time! :) She's the greatest!
  10. Lol, missing bedrock? that would be an interesting story. I thought the 5 layers were meant to guaranteed closure to the void.
  11. LOL so did I, until I started falling through the void after mining a block out from under my feet! :eek: (TIP: Never mine under your feet!)

    I acted quickly enough that time though - I logged off quick, and PM to Liz to say what happened. Given the circumstances, she logged in and waited for me to log back in... then TP me to safety before the void devoured my soul! :D Then I took her to show where the bedrock was missing, so she could patch it up so that other people won't fall through! It was a big missing area - I think she had to fill in like 5 or more blocks. I had read on wiki that sometimes chunks are created with holes in the bedrock, but it's very rare. I was just unlucky enough to find one!

    I was very happy because I was wearing a full set of enchanted diamond armour I had just won on auction, and was carrying a fortune3 pick and silk touch pick at the time! That's why she's my hero, and why I laughed when people were arguing whether or not senior mods could place bedrock... they can! :)