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  1. my problem is my tree farm is made up of about 256 trees and takes up res pretty much. so to cover that up i would have t o flood the place with lights. and well that would be a pain to set up since torches wont work since they get destroyed by trees that grow
  2. I have a roof on the area I grow them in so they only grow 8 tall +Leaves and its really easy :)
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  3. You only need one block above where you plant the sapling to stop it growing too large. Here's a quote from Minecraft Wiki about tree farming:

  4. ooo that may actually be a good idea to try. thank you for that since its only one block it should not limit the light so wont cause problems with growing them. :D
  5. Yes, that's the plan. The last time I looked at his res on SMP5 (10117 i think), ShavingFoam had done this to his trees. Take a look there!
  6. will do again thank you
  7. Transparent blocks like Glass will also prevent light from being blocked, while still controlling tree growth.
  8. good point plus it wont stand out as much as something like stone. god idea. will def set this up next time on but off for while. thank you for the ideas and help.
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  10. just put a block on the 9th gap frOm the floor as many people have said :D
  11. I have an example of a tree ceiling on my res 8981, if you'd like to take a look.