Tree Building\

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  1. Hey Can anyone build this for me ill pay a big reward!! :)
  2. That is going to be too big for anything other than Utopia res I think. Unless someone wants to build it out in the wild.
  3. If you could supply a schematic/world save of this tree, I would have to use my imagination on 75% of the tree and this picture doesn't give much help as to how big the dimensions are. Like said above. It does seem rather big and likely wouldn't fit on a regular 60x60. Also seeing as it uses TONS of Wood. I don't believe I have that much laying around for such a build unless you're supplying.
  4. There is a world down load. The tree is about 55x55.
  5. I may help you can see some of my builds at my Residences. All my builds are not done yet. I would love to build this for you