treasure hunt - 7 pm emc event

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  1. me and Drawingjust4fun will be holding a treasure hunt on res 9601

    it will start at 7:00 pm emc time there will be more than 50 chests
    in the area, some are well hidden while others are out in the open

    the chests will hold promos, shulker boxes and other cool items,
    but some like the out in the open chests will have less cool iteams

    there will also be vouchers and rupee voucher that you can show to either me or draw
    in return for the amount that it is named

    if you have any questions please ask!
  2. kk i try to be there
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  3. Is this at 7pm today? :)
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  4. Yep! It's today.
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  5. Looks fun! I'll try to make it
  6. Darn, do I stay up until midnight for this?
  7. Super cool! I'l be there!
  8. Sounds fun, I'll be there :)
  9. Might or might not be there, my aunts birthday today and she is an anime fan so I must not ignore this opportunity! lol hopefully I can make it :p
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  10. lol it should only last until 7:00 emc time to 8:00 hopefuly~
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