traveler hotel

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  1. i have made a set of safe houses in the utopian wilderness and am planing to place some more in the other servers it is a place with soon a bed but now a furnace and a crafting table to cool food and spend the night away from mobs. it will also have some torches and chairs it will look like home. please don't grief thats what I'm asking. all people are welcome to use will be placed randomly in the wilderness. it is your job to fix but if they are continually grieved or destroyed i will cease making them. my placs are to make one every 100 or so blocks exept in water. thank you

  2. yeah i stumbled across a couple in utopia.. and was like.. wah? safehouses in utopia are nearly useless unless you are like in a cave/shadow or something of that nature.
  3. twitch said he would like to see more activity here and i suggested this but i pointed that out he said still carry on for people to cook food and heal up a bit :cool:
  4. I kinda wish utopia wilderness has night, But just a very shortened night. :u
  5. mixed feelings