Trapping the dangerous nfell2009 and lethal18

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  1. After a long fight, and lots of thrown cacti...

    If you want them back, that'll be 2 million r. (I may or not have asked the hostages what their ransom should be)

    Note, this is all a joke, I found nfell afking in my res today, and trapped him and lethal18.
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  2. Can we pay you to keep them?
  3. New victim! Jamesg003

    And dajakoe, maybe, I'll see ;)
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  4. O.O Oh thanks mate!
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  5. /town solves all :p
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  6. Help meeeeee!!
    EDIT: Im trapped underneath a strobe light... This hurts my eyes.
  7. Save me first, im a diamond supporter I cant die I still have 15 days left!!
  8. No, save me! I can bribe you!
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  9. >.>
  10. Hey, you be quiet xD
  11. Ewww, you farted in that box >.<
  12. Lethal18 was released, the others weren't so lucky
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  13. I'm gassy. I always fart.
  14. yeah, I didn;t get the ransom soon enough.
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  15. Oh god!! I'm burning up!! Heeeeelp!!
  16. My butter!!
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  17. Due to time restrictions, I;ve been forced to set them free.
    (aka i had to go to dinner)
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