Trapped in the water hole

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  1. Well looks like I am dumb enough to get trapped in a hole.... It all started like this: I had finished using the spawn eggs and decided to take a trip to the nether to see what it looked like. I also needed some netherak. So I took half my bread, my sword, my armor, and other needs. When I got there I made some pigman friends, got netherak, and no whites. but then I got killed. So I ran and bumped into a white and died. I was let down because half of my bread was gone, so I went to the wild. I walked along a bridge than took a peak in a hole and died. I than went a different way, but as I looked, there where 4 animals stuck in a hole of water. I tried breaking the dirt but I wasn't far enough. I decided I needed to push them out. I tried and tried but they could not get out. Than I realized I was stuck too. And to make matters worse, I discovered huskies can breath underwater.XD welp.
  2. Press F3 and tell us your coordinates, I'm sure someone can come help you :)
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  3. I'll get you some food and gear if you can PM me on smp1 tomorrow morning. Like cddm said, I'm sure someone who's online now could help if you posted coordinates :)
  4. Don't feel bad. I got trapped in a hole once. I just dont want to talk about it! Lol, ya coordinates, and if you will be around. Works a charm! (and info like what SMP, and also what portal you went thru if you remember, not that we could not look it up on the livemap)
  5. Thanks whoever gave me the enderperal this morning. Too bad I didn't have a gift with me. Next time Ill have a lead!