Transparent Texture pack???

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  1. Is a transparent texture pack against the rules??
    I think it does i mean you can see trough walls,

    I almost connected to the server with this texture pack (luckily i look at my texture pack before pressing on the server button)
    I don't want to be banned for something like that, Its kinda like cheating (or it completely is)
    So is it against the rules (it not a mod, i have no modded MC,) so i don't know for sure its cheating :(
    I still won't do it if it is not against the rules, i mean how boring will that be,
    I only have it for my castle project on a single player map (its not a creative so yeah)

    So i hope i won't get into trouble if i connect, with that texture pack on, by accident :(

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  2. Lucky i din't connect in that case, so its against the rules,
    Tnx for letting me know, i'm almost Finnish whit that castle so i guess i don't need this texture pack anymore
    I will delete i just in case i do logging whit the texture pack (don't want to get banned over something i will never use)
  3. Any x-ray or transparent texture pack is against the rules and will result in a ban.
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