[Trainer Needed]

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  1. Hey EMC

    If you know how to make any sort of infinite villager and want to teach me how, PM me and we'll arrange a price, I need to learn how to make one asap!

  2. Samsimx has a service where he can make you one. c:
  3. As I said in the post, I do not want one made, I want to be able to make them myself.
  4. I think southpark was trying to suggest that Samsimx knows how to make one so you should probably talk to him and get him to teach you... >.>
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  5. I don't believe samsimx is a teacher he just makes them.
  6. If he makes them why cant he also teach you how to make one.

    Edit: Maybe if you ask him real nicely and offer a payment, he show you some of his and tell you how to make one....
  7. Well I messaged him a while ago so, I suppose he doesnt.
  8. I dont know where he lives i know its like 5am for me right now so hes at work, at school, sleeping or something so i would give it a day. If he doesnt ive heard some people on 9 saying they know how to make them so maybe you can go check there.
  9. Will do
  10. If kaizimir's link didnt help, when I have free time I can help you out.
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