[Trading] Vouchers and Promos for 2016 Aikar Heads

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  1. So, I have vouchers and promos sitting around and a new Aikar Head just came out! So here is what I am offering.

    -Iron Supporter Voucher for 1 Aikar Head
    -Gold Supporter Voucher for 3 Aikar Heads
    -2015 Avalauncher for 1 Aikar Head
    -Marlix Helmet for 1 head
    -Marlix Boots for 1 Head
    These are the current deals, I will be posting more.
    If you feel like you have a good deal that isn't listed above, just shoot me a pm on the forums.
    NOTE: This is me giving you the supporter vouchers and promos and you giving me the Aikar Head.
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  2. I wish i had an Aikar head
    [edit] Never mind i just traded to get one :3
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  3. How were these released?
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  4. Drop party
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  5. Added Marlix Boots and Marlix Helmet!
  6. is there al ink on wiki for these items jw? and are they lored?
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  7. Ok, I have got myself some heads so I will be ending this deal
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