[TRADING] Sugar Cane for Diamonds!

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  1. As the title states I will be trading Sugar Cane for diamonds

    1 Double Chest of Sugar Cane = 9 Diamonds

    May be updated depending on business.

    Diamonds needed
    207 Diamonds or 23 Diamond Block
    Not live. Will be update through the day.
  2. So we give you diamonds or sugarcane?
  3. You give me diamonds and I give you sugar cane.
  4. So, I'm a little confused on the math here....for 5 diamonds we get 1 DC. Theres 9 diamonds in a block, so for less than double the amount of diamonds we get triple the sugarcane? That seems like a bad deal for you, especially since I'd value 1 DC of sugarcane at like 400-600r
  5. It was intentional to help increase the trading.
  6. ill buy 9 double chests of em :D pm me to work out trade and pickup?
  7. I will also have 9 double chests, I will give you the diamonds tomorrow
  8. Will get on that tomorrow when I wake up.
  9. Your order is complete. Please leave 9 diamond block or 81 diamonds in one of the single chests.
  10. I'll have 1 DC of Sugarcane.
  11. Sorry for the wait. You order is ready at 7075. Please leave the diamonds in the chest the sugar cane is in.
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  12. Picked up and placed diamonds
  13. This service is closed until further notice.