[Trading] Stone for stone bricks

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  1. I have to build my new house on smp2 and I don't have any stone and I have tons of stone bricks.
    What I am offering is my stone bricks for stone

    I will need like 15-20 stacks of stone and I will give you the same but in stone bricks!

    Tell me if you can help, thanks
  2. Do you have a silk touch pick? Go on Smp1 with it. Go to 1728 and go across to the stone gen. Get all the stone you need.
  3. I want to trade my tons of stone bricks
  4. There are sell chests there. Idk how much you have though.
  5. bump nobody?
  6. I will buy your stone brick and sell you stone at /v 405.
  7. Just an FYI, this player has since been banned.
  8. I'm sure this isn't the first time I've wasted 2 minutes.