[trading] SC of gunpowder for stack of diamonds

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  1. 1 Single Chest of gunpowder for 64 Diamonds

    That's about 80r-108r per diamonds in vaulable
    (if gunpowder is 3-4r each)

    Amount needed: everything!
  2. Ill trade :)
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  3. I wonder why we don't see threads like this more often... I certainly enjoy the trade aspect of an economy...
  4. this trade is still up. anyone interested in a lot of gunpowder?
  5. thanks drowpassed.
    access chests are at 18208 at smp9
  6. still got a lot of gunpowder i want to trade.
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  7. Would there be some sort of bulk deal, like if we traded you multiple stacks of diamonds would we get a higher trade ratio?
  8. this is a bulk deal, and i think a pretty good deal for the other part.
    so, no, one stack of diamonds is one chest of gunpowder.
  9. Alright I'll see what I can get for you.
  10. Is the offer still available? If so, I'll trade with you ;)
  11. yes, this trade is still available. access chests will be set up at 18208 on smp9.
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  12. I have 4 DC's. How much is needed?
  13. Of diamonds?
  14. do you want 4 dc of gunpowder? or as theskidz is saying, do you have 4 dc of diamonds?
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  15. Oh. I have 4 DC's of gunpowder. Try to be a little clearer in the op.
  16. ok, sorry but i got gunpowder i want to trade away and get diamonds in return.
  17. Can also trade stacks of glowstone for 16 diamonds.
    If at 1000r each stack of glowstone(cheap), diamond trade will value to about 62.5r for each diamond.

    Can also do other trades if requested.
    I want diamonds, lots of diamonds.
  18. Allengero how the heck do you have so much gunpowder!? lol remember our circle stone deal? You sure love trading gunpowder
  19. i have my sources ;)
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