[TRADING] Rose Bouquet for Diamond Voucher

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    You want it. You KNOW you want it. You're lucky! I'll trade this rare promo for something called a "Diamond Supporter Voucher." Even better, it's Ocelotawesome Owned! Diamond Supporter Vouchers get you 1 month of Diamond Supporter. This Rose bush gets you nothing, but it's so rare! 10 in existence! And you can get it! If you have a Diamond Supporter Voucher and you want this promo, PM me. You'll own this in no time; but the Diamond Voucher will be gone. But these earn you fame!

    Ocelot A.
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  2. I will have it today. if you can put it on hold that would be awesome. thanks! :D
  3. How does one get one?
  4. I have one!
    when you get back on we can trade :p
  5. I have sent you a PM concerning the items I will trade for it, it may not be a diamond supporter voucher, but it is far more than enough to buy 2 :)
  6. I am sorry to all who entered and didn't win, but congrats to Defne_The_Boss for her offer of not one, but two diamond vouchers!