[TRADING RES] - 100 Villagers to Trade With!

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  1. Residence 4108, on smp2, has 100 villagers in stock at all times, all ready to trade with you! Feel free to see if you can't find any specially enchanted armor or tools, or even just go and get some emeralds! It doesn't matter, just go trade what you want :3
  2. Wow, nice going :)
  3. just noticed i put this in marketplace forums, not products and services, if a mod could move it or close this one so i can open a new one that would be nice :3
  4. It has been moved.
  5. I'm having a look round... Any way to find the same villager with a good trade?
  6. Well, I meant that since the villagers kept moving around is there an easy way to find the same villager you wanted?
  7. hopefully if people donate enough, or if they add a way to craft name tags, i will then name all of my villagers to make it easier. until then, there isnt any really easy way to do so
  8. I have about 11 nametags :D I am trying to collect them and I have a SC of horse armor, if I can get about 100 nametags, I may help. I have been raiding dungeons very recently.
  9. lol im not sure how i would name them, 1-100 or actual names :p maybe even using binary xD
  10. If you were to name them, then do numbers, because it is easier to remember unlike words or binarys