[Trading] Red Paperclip to House Experiment in Minecraft!

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Have you heard of "The Red Paperclip guy"?

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    Hey everyone,

    Many of you know Kyle MacDonald, or the "Red Paperclip Guy". In 2006 he traded his way up from a red paperclip to a house. You can see exactly how he did that here. Like many others, I was inspired by this and decided to try it out for myself. It's very possible that this has already been attempted on EMC, but I thought I'd give it a go myself. I'm going to call this the "Dirt to Diamonds Experiment" I'm not necessarily trading up to diamonds, but I want to trade up as far as I can. I will keep track of all trades on this thread and this thread will also act as my trading service. Keep in mind that there aren't any items that I don't want!

    Note: Whatever I trade up to will be given away. I'm not doing this to make rupees, this is an experiment.

    Trade List

    Item 1: 1 DC of Grass Blocks
    Item 2: -1 DC Grass Blocks +21 Diamonds, 64 Emeralds, 7 Sheep Eggs, 8 Wolf Eggs, 54 Iron Ingots, 2 Golden Apples, 15 Gold Ingots, 2 Dragon Stone Fragments, 3 Stacks of Dragon's Breath Potions, Skeleton Skull
    Item 3: Same as Item 2 but -64 Emeralds +1 Dragon Head
    Item 4: Same as Item 3 but -21 Diamonds +2 Notch Apples
    Item 5: Same as Item 4 but -7 Sheep Eggs +5 Emeralds +2 Dragon Stone Fragments
    Item 6: Same as Item 5 but -64 Dragon's Breath -15 Gold Ingots +6 Silk Touch Books +3 Infinity Books
    Item 7: Same as Item 6 but -2 Dragon Stone Fragments +1 Zombie Head +64 Prismarine +10 Golden Apples
    Item 8: Same as Item 7 but -1 Notch Apple +10 Diamonds +64 Emeralds
    Item 9: Same as Item 8 but -64 Emeralds +12 Diamonds
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