[TRADING] Quartz for Quartz

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Good Trade?

Yes, and I want to trade 3 vote(s) 23.1%
Yes, but I don't want to trade 8 vote(s) 61.5%
No 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. Hey EMC,
    I figured I'd post this here 'cause, well, I need to. I have made variations of quartz, then realized that wasn't such a good idea. It may seem like it, I want my quartz back. Now, I'm not begging. I'm offering a trade. A trade that benefits you more than me.

    I will give you 6 stacks of Pillar Quartz and 3 stacks of Chisled quartz, along with 2 stacks of quartz stairs and 800 rupees


    10 stacks of quartz blocks.

    Hopefully you take this into consideration.
  2. I could, but I'm grounded and can't get back on emc until june 13, when we leave for the beach. I can do the trade June 21, if no one has traded yet at that point.
  3. I can wait for years...
    Ok, maybe not. But you get the point.
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  4. Lawl above and I would if I had that much
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  5. Funny thing is, I have been grounded since November 14, 2011.
    No, 2012. :p.
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  6. Wait?!?! How r u on now then?
  7. My parents only hate minecraft, they don't care about posting on a forums.
  8. LOL this is what I say if I'm grounded "jokes on you I learn architectural 3d designs and program and learn better grammar from reading the chat list on Minecraft" lol something like that
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  9. I could try and get you the stacks sooner. But I don't want to take this away from boozle628. So your call.
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  10. Ugly, you can take the offer. XD
  11. Haha ok thanks!
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  12. Thanks! Let me know when you have the quartz in this thread or a PM.
  13. I would help you out, But I lost 12 stacks in lava hahah
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  14. Done :D
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  15. Where can I pick them up, and what time will you be on?
  16. I will be on later tonight around 8:30 ish probably. You can come to my res on smp8 to pick them up if you wish.
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  17. You have move off. Also, I can't get on at 8:30, I have to be off at 8.
  18. Ok well I will be turning move on soon (Had it off because I was breaking ores and didn't need people coming and taking them :p) And I will go on right now before I have to leave.
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  19. I paid right after you disconnected. Thanks so much!
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  20. Anytime :D I love to help out people.
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