[TRADING] Promos for Perm. Delericit Protection or Perm. Res Increase Voucher

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  1. Looking for a Permanent Delericit Protection voucher and/or Permanent Residence Increase voucher.

    I have a wide variety of promos to offer, including;
    • Haunted Horseman Masks
    • Labour Benches (2014 Edition)
    • Emergency Snow Clearing Devices
    • Unused Dancer Eggs
    • 4th of July (2014, RWB) Fireworks
    • 4th of July (2014, Random) Fireworks
    • NY 2013 Fireworks
    • Spooky Eggs
    • Maxarian Head
    • Chested iDay Helm
    • Chested iDay Chest
    • Chested iDay Legs
    • Chested iDay Boots
    • Chested Freedom Blades
    • Do Not Claim iDay Helm
    • Do Not Claim iDay Chest
    • Do Not Claim iDay Legs
    • Regular iDay Boots
    • Regular Freedom Blades
    • Ham Hackers
    • Flaming Mob Launcher
    • Dragon Stone
    • Dragon Stone Fragment
    • Taste the Freedom Steaks
    • Feast for a King
    • Haunted Candies
    If you need more info on a specific promotional item(s), or wish to trade, please PM me or post here!
    Anything can be negotiated.
    Note: I am trading for a voucher and own the promotional items.