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  1. I am on the quest to get as many diamonds as humanly possible! I will trade up my promos, vouchers, or almost anything else for diamonds in exchange! PLEASE PM me if you are interested!

    Momentus Toothpick - 1 stack of diamond

    RainbowChin PvP Head - 2 stacks of diamond blocks

    EVERYTHING ELSE!! These are only the trades that I have preset, I sell many other items for diamonds! Just PM me what you have and we can discuss!

    I also have iron supporter vouchers I will trade for diamonds! [Click here]
  2. I posted here, do i get a prize?
  3. i have 419 diamonds, aka 6 stcaks and 35 what can i get for that?
  4. PM'd.
  5. i have 7 stacks, what can i get for it :p
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  6. thanks haro :)
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  7. Do you take diamond ores for a the equivalent of say, 2.5 diamonds?
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  8. I'd do 2.2 according to fortune 3.
  9. I would be interest in trading diamonds for promos but I don't know what you have and how many diamonds you want for them.
  10. I have almost every promo, please PM me with how many diamonds/diamond ores you have and the ones you're looking for and I'll see what I can do for you :)
  11. I have 23 stacks. What can I get for that? :p
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  12. I have quite a few stacks. Just send me a pm :)
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