[TRADING] Promos for diamond voucher

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  1. I am trading a selection of my promos for a diamond voucher. The promos are as follows:
    1x Lucky Bow
    1x Cupid's Bow
    1x Labor Bench
    1x Maxarias Head
    1x Book of Colours
    1x Empire Firework (New year's 2012)
    1x Rudolph (Unspawned)
    1x Turkey Slicer
    1x Magical eggcelent wand
    FULL undamaged set of starter armour an tools
    3x Starter book
    1x of each haunted candy
    I am willing to trade a selection or all of the items listed above in return for 1x Diamond Voucher. Please start a private conversation with me if interested, thanks.
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  2. I'll throw in a beacon too :)
  3. Thinking about it...
    Oh I just remembered I need my own extra diamond voucher too :p
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  4. Thanks for letting me know :)