Trading promos and rares for two diamond vouchers

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  1. I am trading an assortment of promos and rare items to trade for two diamond vouchers.
    If you wish to trade, please comment on this thread.
    Based upon the most recently finished auctions for a single voucher, the cost of a single voucher is 376.95k. Times this by two, and it makes 753.9k. I estimate the value of these items to be between 750k and 760k.
    If the sum of the items is not enough, I can add a few more items. Please PM me about this though.
    Ore buster
    Gold voucher
    Marlix chest plate
    Pots of golds, three
    Marlix bow
    Chicken skewer
    Marlix leggings
    Enraged villager
    Mineral Mincer
    Momentus' toothpick
  2. -BUMP-

    -Will start adding 5k rupee additions until trade has gone.-
  3. Pm me on here line Now