[TRADING] Promo Horses and Chickeneer Signed Book For Auto SugarCane Farm

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  1. Used or unused? Either way, I'd consider doing it
  2. they are all spawned and breeded together once each so, not much use.
  3. bump, netherworld couldn't do it, so i need someone else!
  4. If you can give me the supplies no biggie I can do it
  5. I don't supply the materials
  6. You should probably, the pistons and those things for what you want cost a decent amount.
  7. The biggest cost will be in the base of it. Iron hoppers, redstone timer (use better modern timer).

    Each level consists of dirt, 30 pistons, like 60 redstone, a bunch of building blocks, oh and 30 sugar cane obviously.

    I assume you don't need it made of iron blocks for building.

    NB: I do not want this job. As the payment doesn't interest me. Just thought I'd write it out as I considered it. :)
  8. Edi: I do now supply the materials.
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  9. Be prepared...those pistons equal about a DC :p
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  10. I suppose I can throw it up for you then, when you have the resources. And I'd suggest improving a couple things, but no biggy.

    If someone else is super keen for this job, go ahead. I'm busy doing other things anyway. (it's only an hour or two job, so I could fit it in)

    EDIT: Also be aware, the higher you go with this, the lag will exponentially increase. As all those pistons go off at the same time. I'd recommend if you build it higher, add in separate timers for every 15 levels or so, or offset the one timer to stagger each set of pistons going off.

    EDIT2: Or check out my sugarcane farm design on res 10034 smp5. IMO, it's more productive, takes less space, and less laggy (Possibly more resources per sugarcane production).
  11. what should i improve. I am getting the materials as i type this so it should be ready soon.
  12. umm also, how many layers would you think about doing. I want 40 in the end, 20 on each side.
  13. At 40 levels, i'd suggest staggering the time the pistons go off. 40 levels of 30 pistons will create lag.

    And 40 levels will take ages to build. :) I can build some, but you could easily continue it yourself to any height. It's easy to do.
  14. I can show you better than tell you, when the thing is built.
  15. How many levels could you do?
  16. Umm.. as many as i can until i get bored? :) I'm not sure. At least 15 levels.