[TRADING ONLY] Trading Donkey Rudolph for a Donkey Incitatus.

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  1. Title says it all, I will only accept a trade, no rupee or promo combos, just a plain and simple trade.

    You can see the Donkey Rudolph in this video.
  2. Donkey rudolphs are real? Wow I have a lot to learn about promo horses. Shame you aren't selling : /
  3. Why should I trade a donkey Incitatus for the same thing in Rudolph form? I'm not trying to bash your thread, it just seems like a bad deal for me because Incitatus is the more valuable base version so you'd figure it cost a decent amount more in donkey form as well.
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  4. Then let me bash your message. The Rudolph for is rarer: I have the only 2 that exist. Then any donkey version of the promos horses have the same speed the only variable is health point. So yes maybe I should start listening to you since you seem very wise indeed.
  5. Just a question, how do you know you have the only 2 Rudolph donkeys?
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  6. Only 2*:p
  7. I challenge you to find one. That I don't own.
  8. We could ask aikar to just look. Though not sure if aikar would, just due to time. That's pretty cool though having a promo donkey when it should be a horse. Wish I could figure something out for it.
  9. i kinda want to open up all my rudolphs to see if i got a donkey 1
  10. The donkey versions are so rare though, unless you have over a stack of unused ones there's an extremely slim chance you'll get a donkey one.
  11. What? :eek: So there's only 2 rudolphs on the entire EMC servers? PlasmaBanana said he has one. :confused:
  12. Good luck mate.

    I would love to see proof if he has one.
  13. Hate to blow the bubble for eveyone who thinks opening a rudolph egg will give them a chance of getting a donkey, it's not going to happen. The rudolph egg obtained normally from /promo and /shop wouldn't contain a donkey.
    Same with all the other promo horses bar dancer.

    Dancer donkeys are officially impossible.
  14. How were they obtained?
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