Trading one 2014 Iday firework

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  1. I will trade one i-day fire work for most promos
    What I will not trade for :
    Any thing starter
    Any haunted candy
    No zombie v or shiny items
    No freedom blade
    No empire fire work 2013
    No super dragon poop
    No nether hound
    No nether star
    No Cupid or luck bow
  2. wut :/
    I give you firework or you give me firework?
  3. I have the firework and trading it for every promo except the ones above
  4. Maxarian head?
  5. For a i-day fire work?
  6. I have a full starter set and a piece of haunted candy. Wanna trade for one or the other? PLZ!
  7. Mheller let srry but read the original post carfully
    And slash if no one makes a offer in the next 24 hours u win the trade
  8. Would you trade ICC flesh for a IDay firework? Ps if yes i won't be on till sunday afternoon or monday morning because i am going on a small trip.
  9. Mueller it's a good offer but samsmix sell them for 2.6k so no
  10. No one good to out offer slash he wins in 2 hours
  11. Slash u won the trade I'll mail u the item and h mail me the head ok
  12. Ok I at a outpost I'm heading back on my rail ill send it in a few hours srry for the wait
  13. No problem, I probably won't be on until tomorrow anyways.