[TRADING] Lucky Bows for Diamond Voucher

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  1. Looking to trade Lucky Bows for a Diamond voucher, somewhere in the ballpark of 7 or 8.
    PM me with offers, or post in this forum thread.
  2. Obtained Marlix Gear (boots and bow, specifically), and earned money so I have 150k. I can do a mix of money and promos, if you like (just ask, I probably have what you're looking for)
  3. Diamond Voucher - 4 Lucky Bows, 2 Cupid Bows, 4 Max Heads?
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  4. 4 lucky bows, 1 cupid bow, and 3 max heads and you've got yourself a deal.
  5. Deal
  6. Do you have any of the following? :
    -ICC Birthday Voucher
    -Treasure Voucher
    -Ore Buster
    -Gold Voucher
    -Labor Day Bench
    -Haunted head
    -Turkey Slicer
    -Holiday Pick
  7. I have out of your list:
    Turkey Slicer
    Holiday Pick
    Haunted Head
    Labour Bench

    Regardless, I'd like to trade now.
  8. Ok :D