[ Trading ] Lots of Promos and Items for a 135 speed horse

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  1. I will be trading the following promos and items for a 135 speed horse of any color and any stats other than having 135 speed or above. :)

    -trick-or-treat bundle
    -vault voucher
    -2015 Headless Horseman Mask
    -2015 Bday Cake
    -Dragon Stone
    -Mineral Miner (100k members limited edition pickaxe)
    -Chicken Skewer (100k members limited edition sword)
    -2015 Headless Horseman Mask
    -Thanksgiving Cooked Turkey
    -2015 Labor Bench
    -2015 Labor Bench
    -Starter Sword
    -2015 Bday Cake
    -Starter Shovel
    -Starter Pickaxe
    -64 Soulbound Bread
    -27 diamonds
    -64 Blocks of Iron
    -44 Blocks of Iron
    -64 Coal
    -New Player Guide
    -134.12 SpeedWhite Horse
    -132.48 Speed Creamy Whitefield Horse
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  2. 64 blocks of iron and 44 blocks of iron please =)
    My offer: 6k
  3. They are trading some of these items for a 135 speed horse, I don't think that they are selling them :p
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  4. Goodluck, from my estimates this only adds up to about 300-500k Rupees.
  5. Yessir it does :) Various ppl have told me 500k ;)
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  6. oh nvm
  7. Yay! Thread Closed! :D
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