[Trading] Looking for Presidential Pen Offering 26 Spark +others

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nocum, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Offering
    26 - Spark
    3 - Dragon stone
    1 - Remote Shop Sign
    1 - Bloody shoe

    Extra goodies :)
    32 - diamond
    3 - nautilus shell
    1 - Name tag
    1 Saddle

    Rupees thrown in
    5k rupees
  2. Making total rupees 35K #bump
  3. Hey no, I think I might have an extra pen. I would be willing to trade if this is the case. I won't be on until later today. I'll look then and let you know. =)
  4. Alright thank you (Will reserve for 48 hours starting 3/6/2021 @ 6:34AM EST)
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  5. I'm sorry, I don't have a second one. I really thought I did. I do have some extra Enders, and Candy Canes tho.
  6. Any chance you might have an extra lucky rabits foot? The kind that never expires (Promo type) If so what's your offer? Im trying to up my looting ability's the best I could.

    Update the 48 hour reserve is off do to OP not having the item and my 35K + Extra are back up for trade.
  7. I will pm you about the side offer. I'm pretty sure I have some feetses.