[TRADING] KS Inc. Rares and Promo Trading!

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  1. Hello, KS Inc. needs to get some items for their museum, and a forum post is a decent way to do it :D Anyways, items are listed below.

    • Marlix Chestplate - Rare Marlix drop, unique chest.
    • 2 Vault Vouchers - Redeem these for extra vault pages.
    *NOTICE* Items under "Trading" category are traded for items under "Buying" category.

    • Used Tools and Weapons: For example, Turfinator, Orebuster, etc.
    • Anything that has a value equivalent to any trading item.
    • Marlix Bow (For the Marlix Chestplate)
    How I will find a good price for your used tool:

    NOTE: This formula only applies to USED tools and weapons!

    First off, I will determine a reasonable price by using this formula: d*(v/2), where d=durability (percentile) and v equals original value. After this, we can negotiate a little. It doesn't even matter if the tool is at literally 1 durability, we'll still buy it off of you!

    • 1 Stable Voucher
    • 2 Vault Vouchers
    For any trades with me, PM me or post on the forums, either is fine.
  2. I have some used orebusters, I'd like to trade one for a Marlix's Chestplate
  3. Depends on durability, could you list them?
  4. How does one check the durability?
  5. If you go into your inventory and press f3 and h at the same time, the next time you hover over your tool it should show the durability. At least, for windows it is, if ur on a Mac, I'm not entirely sure it works.
  6. 1. 584 / 1561
    2. 1151 / 1561
    3. 1225 / 1561

    I also have Axestoppers as well
    1. 935 / 1561
    2. 873 / 1561
  7. Okay, I will discuss your items with my partner, I'll probably get back to you around 1 PM EMC time possibly, we'll see how it goes. And that's a lot of tools ya got there :3
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  8. Okay so using the formula I stated above, that would put the 584/1561 Orebuster at around 22k, and the Axestopper with 873/1561 at 13k, which is a really good deal for you technically since the chestplate is worth around 45k. Could I maybe get both Axestoppers and the 584 Orebuster for the chest? If not, I can do the 584 Ore and 935 Axe. If you accept those deals, I'll talk it over with my partner.
  9. With your formula, an unused orebuster would be worth around 55k, and that's not right. I believe your formula is corrupt and will not create a fair price :p

    I am forced to decline your offer, sorry.
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  10. I meant by v for value, v/2 is for if it is used at all, the value decreases by half already, and then multiplying it by the durability percentile. I'll edit that to make it clear. Due to this, would you like to trade? I haven't heard from my partner yet, hope he gets on soon...

    I'll also give you an example that my formula is fair and just.

    I once sold my Freedom Blade for 11k when it had one hit. They are worth 25k ish, so, by my formula:

    Freedom Blade: 12,375
    Very Close to Good Value.