trading iron for your diamonds!

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  1. Hi EMC
    I am trading iron for your diamonds the rates are below:
    1 diamond is 12 iron ingots
    64 diamond is 800 iron ingots (slightly more iron!)
    Thanks- xothis_dwarf
  2. Um... 17 Iron Ingots is a little too many... I might do it for something like 12...
  3. Ok I'll change
  4. how many diamonds do you have? I would be up for a trade!
  5. I think he wants diamonds, not iron
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  6. It's not phrased perfectly I'm trading the iron for diamonds can a mod please change the title to "trading iron for your diamonds" or something thanks
  7. you give him diamonds he gives you iron. that should clarify for anyone who is still confused
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  8. bump anyone I'll put more iron on if your not happy with price (within reason) :)
  9. bump!!!! :)