[Trading] Iron blocks to Diamonds

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  1. Anyone Willing to trade diamonds for Iron blocks at a 1 : 1 ratio?

    I have plenty of Iron for large exchanges.

    Iron blocks are worth about 55r per block. :)
  2. More like 63r a block.
  3. Deal. Soon as I get on we'll trade
  4. ill trade for that i got 16 diamonds if u got that many blocks
  5. Ill give you iron and you give me diamond! ;)
  6. Uh no, I am trading Iron for diamonds. Not reversed lol.

    Pokemon, ill be online all night on smp8
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  7. I know :)
  8. i got 7 more diamonds and im on now if u want them
  9. i remember my 2nd week on EMC... diamonds for 25r! not anymore... i thought i was getting the better end xD