[TRADING] Independence Day Set for Derelict Protection

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  1. Is the set worth one? I got one from the purple party. I just can't decide if I should use it or hoard it for later riches :D
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  2. I seen Rainbowchin say in chat at the drop party, there going to be worth like 500k, since you had to pay 50/20 dollars for it
  3. Well, this is what I have to offer, and they cost $30 irl which is about 195k. The set is worth 110k from shop, but once it leaves shop, i bet it will raise to be closer to the 195k. I think this is a fair deal considering you got one for free marsh.
  4. I heard alexchance say that they were going to be worth around 500k. I think I will keep it until the price goes up
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  5. Alex does have a certain expensive look on items that the majority of others do not :p
  6. ok, but i am sticking with my logical offer. It may not be worth it now, but in the near future, it will be.
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  7. I will chose to ignore that comment lol
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  8. In this case it was predicted by Aikar :p
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  9. Actually, the $30 is worth 336,375r, since it is highly unlikely that the bonus will drop until rupee sales are completely gone.
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