Trading Incitatus for Saltar!

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  1. I am currently in need of a used Saltar. I'm willing to trade a used Incitatus for it.

    This is a great deal as the Incitatus is usually worth more money, so please PM me if you have a used Saltar you're willing to trade for it :)
  2. What color and stats does the Incitatus have?
  3. I have Black White Dots and I have Creamy White. You can pick :)
  4. What's the jump and health on the Incitatus's? I might be interested.
  5. Creamy White
    Speed 130%
    Jump 74.14%
    Health 26HP

    Black White Dots
    Speed 130%
    Jump 73.13%
    Health 19HP

    Trader can pick which one they want.
  6. Deal. I'll take this one.
    I'll mail you the Saltar egg and you can mail me the Incitatus when ever you get a chance.
  7. Sure.
  8. I mailed it.
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