[Trading] I want Turkey slicers

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by jkjkjk182, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. I will trade two (2) Labor Benches per Turkey Slicer. Labor benches are worth about 5-6k a piece, so that is about 10-12k per Turkey Slicer.

    PM me or post here how many Slicers you have, and I will set up an access chest for you to trade items in.
  2. Sorry what is a turkey slicer?
  3. /promo thanks13
    Bring it back here ploxxorz. :p
  4. Ooh so a promo eh. I might trade mine if I see if it is useful or not.
  5. BTW if I don't respond on here too fast, I will be busy for a few hours. :)
  6. I will trade you turkey slicers for Halloween promos.
  7. Intresting, I'm tempted but I don't really need Labor Benches. D:
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  8. They should be easy to sell. :p
  9. I would trade if I can get a rupee offer instead of labour benches.
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  10. Hey I'm up for a trade, I missed the labor day promo