[Trading] For Holiday Picks

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  1. I am trading a variety of items for the Holdiay Pick!

    Items I am Trading (One Set of Items Per Pick):
    1 Stack of Diamonds (1 Trade)
    2 Diamond Horse Armor (1 Trade)
    1 Stack of Redstone Blocks (3 Trade)
    4 stacks of lapis (1 Trade)
    20 DCs of SugarCane (3 Trade)
    57 Emeralds (1 Trade)
    14 DCS of Sugar Cane (1 Trade)
    I will add more when I think of them/get them.

    I am trading these items to YOU for the Holiday Pick.
  2. Added Emeralds!
    14 DCS of SugarCane is gone!
  3. no, that is how many of that trade I can do.
  4. Is there any slight possibility of you adding more lapis in the lapis trade? I may take you up on the trade if a little more can be added ;)
  5. how much more do you want to be added?
  6. I was thinking maybe 32 more blocks? It is blocks isn't it?
  7. no it isn't blocks it is dye
  8. Oh, Sorry then I think I'll pass :oops:
  9. what about the stack of diamonds?
  10. No, I am trading those items for the picks. I need the picks and you need the cane!
  11. o, i get it now XD

    ill go clean up the thread and delete my posts then XD

    thx for clearing it up for me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.