[TRADING] EMC firework on SMP9 for EMC firework on SMP1

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  1. Hi there, I've been waiting for a while for the fix of the EMC firework and the vault but I miss a bit the fun of the sparkles so I'm wondering if anyone who has moved or is going to move from SMP1 to SMP9 would like to trade it.

    I'm not sure about how this could be done, I know I'm no scammer but I don't know who I can trust so if anyone has got some advice I would gladly take it. If the advice is to keep waiting, well, that's another option, but until it's fixed, I'll try this too.
  2. Well if you find a person both parties accept as trustable (maybe a mod who is willing to help you out). You could give him your part of the firework. Once he receives the part from the other person he does the trade for you. If the other side doesnt hand in his part of the firework you will get back yours from the trusted person.
  3. I have 2 EMC fireworks on smp1 I can trade 1 with you. I dont live on smp9 tho but I'd be happy to wait til the vault is fixed.
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  4. There were several fixes yesterday while I was playing, one of them was regarding the vault.
    You should ask an Admin/Mod to see if fireworks are transferable now.
  5. Thank you very much for your answers. @Hasorko I had not thought of the third part, it's a good idea for this kind of trades.

    @pokemonfan10 thanks a lot, I will first check if the vault is fixed also regarding the Firework as Qwertyip said and tell you about it.
  6. It seems like it's not possible to vault it yet so I'm going to take pokemonfan10's offer if he's still interested. Thanks everyone ^_^
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