[Trading] Double chest of Stone Brick for a Double Chest of Stone

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  1. Hi all,
    I have a double chest of stone brick, but the problem is I need just plain stone. I was wondering if anybody would be willing for a trade :)
    Contact Me :D
  2. Ill help, what Smp server is it on?
  3. Okay, I dont have the double chest OR enough time to mine some out, but I can give you a silk touch unbreaking efficiency pick to mine it yourself if its okay with you.
  4. for sure! how much?
  5. Name your price. It is an iron pick, with efficiency 3, silk 1, and unbreaking 3. If you think it might break too soon, you can buy 2.
  6. Hmm.... I'm not sure, i am not very good with prices :/
  7. Neither am I. Thats why I said to name the price.
  8. I guess I will let you buy it for that much. I mass-enchant everything with all the xp I get from smelting wood.
  9. ok where do u want to meet
  10. My house. Res 2422 on Smp1.