(Trading) Diamonds for cobble

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  1. I will trade 1 diamond for 5 stacks of cobble.

    Cobble is for a build. Not for resale.

    Need something? I may have it. PM me for a trade.
  2. Whats the max amount of cobble you will need?
  3. 320 stacks. For now. That is 1 stack of diamonds.
  4. Ok I can Supply up to 5 double chest full of cobble.
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  5. one sec are you cooking the cobble?

    if you are you need coal?
  6. I am cooking it. I still have a lot of coal and lava to cook with for now. I haven't used the lava yet, but wiki says it will cook more cobble, and faster.
  7. I recently found out the same thing about lava, it melts like 120 blocks, but you dont get the bucket back D:
  8. Well that sucks. I'd like to think that they will change that in the future.
  9. I can also supply buckets of lava for an extra fee or I can smelt it into smooth stone for you?
  10. Or I could just offer her all the lava she wants she just needs the buckets and do /nether :)
  11. Cooking with lava isn't cost-effective, because - as people said - you lose the bucket.

    In the next version, you'll get the bucket back.

    However, cooking with blaze rods is extremely effective.
  12. I would cook with blaze rods if I could find a spawner. But good point.
  13. i can sell you some blaze rods for cooking? :)
  14. I have blaze rods from before the reset. I had forgotten about them till now. That doesn't mean I won't need them though. I'm smelting 5000 stacks of cobble.
  15. How many blaze rods do you have and how much per stack?
  16. i have 4 double chests and 448r per stack
  17. but lets keep from hijacking this thread aye?