[TRADING] Diamond Sword for 2 Diamonds

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  1. As of right now I have 8 Diamond swords that i do not need. So I'm going to be trading them for 2 diamonds each. Pick up will be at 1201 on smp1.
  2. Are they enchanted?
  3. Just a suggestion, you do not have to do this

    You may want to trade for one diamond

    Diamonds are way more valuable then diamond swords

    Who is going to want to trade that when they could make one

    By doing 1 diamond you may get more people to trade
  4. Because they are nice and want to help out?
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  5. No, they want to trade for two diamonds, likely since it is an equal value trade. Something tells me that you have eight diamonds, and want eight diamond swords. -_-
  6. I'm just saying, and i have plenty of diamond swords and diamonds,

    its not equal value, two diamonds are far more valuable than a diamond swords as they have way more uses

    it was Just a suggestion!
  7. No they are not enchanted.