[TRADING] Diamond Referral Block Of Clickyness

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  1. As much as I love having two legitimate Diamond Referral Blocks, I think it is time to let one go, but I do have something I would like in exchange...

    You see, I have the Iron and Diamond Blocks at 18200 Museum and am in need of a Gold Referral Block now!

    If you have a Gold Referral Block that you may trade and you have something else with it worthy to trade for a Diamond, contact me and we shall see if we can get a deal going :)

    I may not get a lot of interest as there are not many out there, but just as a notice, thanks for reading :)
  2. Here's a bump for those who have not seen and may have one :p
  3. "I shall just bump this one more time..." he says :p
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