[TRADING] DC of Nuka-Cola and promos for 2016 Aikar heads :D

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  1. DC of Nuka-Cola (Instant healing I potion drink) for 1 Aikar head Quantity: 1 DC

    2015 Avalauncher for 1 Aikar head Quantity: 2 avalaunchers

    Headless Horseman Axe for 2 Aikar heads Quantity: 1 axe

    #Empire Firework# for 1 Aikar head Quantity: 1 firework

    This head specifically as far as I know there were 256 of these 2016 New Years drop party Aikar heads (4 stacks of 64 heads) so they aren't as rare as the ones before. So this is why I have these low priced as they are. This is all I got m8. I will update this when I get a chance to go back to town and check my vaults for promos to trade in for these heads. Thanks :)
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  2. Willing to trade for a T Virus Vaccine? They are sold for 100k :eek:
  3. I have seen them being traded for iron vouchers. Might want to check on the fact they aren't worth much :p Iron vouchers put them at around 100k per.
  4. I don't have the Aikar heads...
  5. Is the Nuka Cola special?
  6. Oh, so your trading for them :D
  7. Nah, I was thinking of removing it entirely or combining all these items shown for one aikar head