[Trading] A DC of Bones for 30 Diamonds

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  1. Hi EMC,
    I'm trading a DC of bones for 30 diamonds
    Now taking Gold and Iron too!!!
    Gold 150 per DC of bones/arrows
    iron 700 ingots per DC!
    Please Order :p

    Waiting List
    the Minner333 1 DC-Done-Not collected-Come now!
    RainbowChin 2 DC's of bones-not done-not collected 1-2 days
    Netherworld666 DC 1-2 days not done
  2. I need those bones for my tree farm-
    You just got a deal
  3. ok :D when can you get on?
  4. I've changed to 40 but you still get to pay 30
  5. And tomorrow at earliest- set up access chest and tell me where to pick up. I'll take bones and leave diamonds
  6. Do you have any more DCs to trade?
  7. I might be interested, keep one aside for me and I'll get back to you.
  8. I'll try to get you a DC - I'm in need some Diamonds at the moment.
  9. its at the spawn of my second res
  10. no its I trade you a DC of bones for 30 diamonds sorry :p
  11. Ah, that's my fault. Sorry!
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  12. its ok :)
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  13. now also trading DC's of arrows for 30 diamonds!!!
  14. Ill take a DC of Bones for 30 diamonds
  15. ok when can you get on? I'm on smp4
  16. Ill be on for about 4+ more hours, so I'll be on soon, busy atm
  17. Coming on in a minute, can you set up my chest?
  18. done come to my second res 9348