trading 32 gunpowder for 1 circle stone

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  1. trading 1 stack of gunpowder for 2 circle stone.
    gunpowder is 5-10r(?) each so about 160r-320r for each circle stone.
  2. I got you for that trade. :) setup an access chest for me at golden crown and Ill take the powder and put in the circle stone. :)
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  3. You can buy circlestone from /shop bro. Much cheaper lol.
  4. What about 413? I thought you sold circle stone. :)
  5. I sell it too :D
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  6. well, i got a lot of gunpowder, so i trade it with something i need instead.

    flamingpotato, i have that chest placed to right near the entrance at 19000 on smp9
  7. Ok keep it up and i will drop some more off later. :)
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