[TRADING]2 Nether Stars For 12 Stacks Of Diamond Ore

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  1. Dear EMC Members,

    I am giving away 2 nether stars in return for 10 stacks of diamond ore. I guess I reworded this wrong and people have gotten the wrong idea about this. PM me or post in the forums if you want to make out the trade.

    jayjay2495 is GIVING away 2 nether stars while...
    he RECEIVES 10 stacks of diamond ore.

    Thank you,
  2. I only have one nether star. Would u trade for 6 stacks of diamonds?
  3. If I did my math right, 12 stacks of diamond ore is worth around 100k, two nether stars are worth about 30k *just sayin'*
  4. I'll give it to you
  5. Ill do the trade
  6. If you leave me an access chest on your first res with the 12 stacks of diamonds I will drop off the two nether stars. Also, why are you not replying back to anybody?
  7. He wants diamond ore people. That is worth up to 100k jay.
  8. 12 stacks is worth like 40k now.
  9. How About 10 stacks??
    That's cheap when i sell the diamonds
  10. Oh really? 10 stacks = 640 ores. 640*3=1920 diamonds. 1920*48r = 92160. I think you miscalculated.
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  11. Dude what the heck...i dont have a fortune pick and i dont have the money for it
  12. plus i lowered it to 8 stacks
  13. That is market value. Doesnt matter what you have, or how much money you have, its still market value.
    You would get at most 3 stacks of ore, as long as the person trading with you knows the value of diamond ore.
  14. Even at 8 stacks with a non-enchanted pick, the price is still way over 30,000R. Assuming each diamond ore is worth about 120R, 64*8= 512 Diamond Ore. 512*120= 61,440 Rupees in diamond ore, which is over twice the value of two nether stars.
  15. Alex sells his nether stars at 13.5k a piece. I see beacons sells around 12-13k now. So its way over the price of 2 nether stars.