[Trading] 2 Hot Hats for 1 perm derelict voucher

Discussion in 'Trading' started by THE_OP_VILLAGER, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Hello guys I’m looking to get a perm derelict voucher I am offering 2 Hot Hats as a trade
    I am also going to add 2 2019 krysyy heads
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  2. Could you do a Krysyy head and an aikar head with the 2 hot heads?
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  3. Items have been sent
  4. I won't be on for a few days:/
  5. Heya villager, I talked to big__kev and he couldn't find a spare voucher so he sent the items back and if your still looking to trade I'd be willing to trade a voucher for the same deal that you had with big kev. 1 krysyy and one aikar with the hot hats. Only if you want to :)
  6. Sure I’m willing I can send the heads tomorrow I’ll give kev a day ;)
  7. Heya villager, just wanted you to know I'm ready to do the trade whenever you are. I have the voucher ready and waiting. Just let me know :D
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  8. Ok I’ll mail u the items later
  9. You accidentally sent me two aikar heads and one hot hat ima send a aikar head back and wait for my second hot hat
    im going to send you one krysyy head one aikar head and one hot hat while I wait for the second hot hat
    Nvm kev I’m dumb I accidentally put on a hat kev you sent me two aikar heads so I’m going to send the extra back
  10. Thank you! And the voucher has been sent :)
  11. Wqit so I owe you a head?
  12. I'll have to check my inventory I'm sorry If I didn't send you the head. I thought I sent it all back
  13. No don’t worry I accidentally put it on and didn’t notice you sent me a extra so I sent it back so we’re good
  14. Oh ok mate. Got a tad worried then