[ Trading ] 135 Horse for another 135 Horse

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  1. I am looking for a 135 speed horse that is either Brown, Black, Grey, Chestnut, or Dark Brown. It can be any type (Dots, Whitefield, None) but it has to have one of those colors as the main color. The horses that I will be trading are:

    White None - 135.10, 71.29, 20.16
    White White - 134.68, 65.51, 23.99
    White None - 134.12, 64.54, 20.75

    Please PM me if you have one. Thank you :)
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  3. Bump! If this offer does not go, I will also be trading both my 134s for any Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Grey, or Chestnut 134. Comment if you would like that trade. Thanks :)
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